To Republicans: Romney Lost Now What?

By Andrew Sullivan

After a disaster in voter turnout in the 2012 elections, Republicans, conservatives, libertarians and Tea Party activists are pointing fingers at each other and blaming each other as well as Romney for the outcome of the election.

Lot of the problems with this election center on identity politics but conservatives and Republicans should have taken a better layout of the political scene and realized a major problem with messaging. From day one, the Presidential campaign should have been a referendum on Obamacare, but with candidate Romney who refused to repudiate his Massachusetts Romneycare, he amounted to allowing a child molester to baby sit your kids.

From the very beginning, the Republican Party started destroying the most credible candidates including Herman Cain, Tim Pawlenty, and Newt Gingrich. Gary Johnson, a governor was slowly pushed off the stage. Ron Paul was let in to make Romney look moderate, but in the end, Ron Paul would fail too.

But even before the Republican establishment tried to anoint Romney, the messaging had gone awry a long time ago. I won’t name the conservatives sources which echoed a fatally flawed message but many conservatives were saying “Americans do not have a right to health care”. You cannot win an argument by telling Americans they do not have a right. Americans do have a right to health care but they don’t have the right to expect other people to pay for it.  Americans have a right to buy health insurance across state lines, a right to by portable insurance which is not tied to their job, a right to tax exempt health insurance when they retired similar to when they were employed. These positive arguments simply were not made.

People respond to positive messaging and conservatives continued to get slammed by their own messaging even when the majority of Americans agreed with them. Remember all the talk about women voters?  Wouldn’t it be nice to say to women, you have the right to contraceptives but not the right for someone else to pay for it? This message was totally missing. It is why Akin and Mourdock got stuck in an unrelenting negative drive down among women voters.  Had this message been delivered correctly to voters, people would understand and the Republican messaging would have them taking over the US Senate.

Republicans and conservatives missed out on the public’s concern about health issues for many years. The proof is the many states which have legalized medical marijuana and other marijuana laws. I am not suggesting conservatives mellow out and smoke pot. However, with a huge Federal debt of 16 trillion dollars, it is stupid to spend money on Federal agents to arrest people in a state where people voted for medical marijuana to be legal.

By returning the marijuana issue back to the states, the US Federal government lessens the chance it will have to bail out the California State government. If California wants to legalize marijuana and tax it to solve it’s debt problems, let them go to pot (pun intended) instead of all American taxpayers. Also, we may find growing marijuana in the United States may solve some of our immigration problems and stabilize the country of Mexico.

Many people have suggested Republicans change their stance on immigration. However, I think this is absurd. The real problem is messaging. There are Spanish speakers who are American citizens and know English well, but they spend much of their time listening to television and radio in Spanish where left wing organizations put in their ads in Spanish attacking conservatives like Rush Limbaugh. There is no conservative organization putting out counter responses in Spanish. Therefore these American citizens hear very little from active conservatives.

There is one final point fiscal conservatives need to learn from libertarians. You cannot violate the laws of economics without consequences. Work which needs to be done will drift to the workers able to do it most efficiently. We will either be shipping work to Mexico to be done, or we can accept workers from Mexico in the US to get the work done. There is no way to avoid this immutable fact. This is the reality. Businesses who discover they have illegal immigrants should be able to sponsor such immigrants to become Americans without penalty to the business or the illegal immigrant. It will keep the factory moving, give us one more hardworking taxpaying American, and eliminate much government expense in deporting and deporting again, the same people.

Finally, the public needs to be told the facts about Social Security. We are taxing American labor at 15 percent, while other people are living 25 percent or more of their adult life on Social Security. When Hostess Foods closed their doors, many blame the unions but if labor was not taxed at 15 percent, the business may be still alive today. If the Social Security tax was cut, illegal immigration may also drop.

Eventually, this system will break. Left wing pundits like Paul Krugman keep saying no to austerity measures but the US Federal government is already practicing austerity through inflation. Nobody wants to see their government check be cut from $1,000 to $800. So government inflates the money supply so the same people get their $1,000 check only to find it can buy $800 worth of goods. Ron Paul understands this and so should all Republicans.

After such reforms, Republicans will still have to find ways to break the identity politics of the fascist political left but with such reforms will be better able to do so.


  1. pete botkin says:

    Proofread your Articles before you post them. You lose credibility with each misspelled word and grammatical error.

  2. Editorial Staff says:


    Thank you for your comment. If you go to the “about” tab above, our editorial process is explained. We do not spin, edit, or take any creative license with articles submitted to us. It is precisely for this reason we remain more credible than most. We adopted the League of Women Voter’s Voter Guide rules to not edit any content submitted. This way you get 100% of the author’s narrative in their own words.

  3. B2 says:

    I loved your statement:

    “The US Federal government is already practicing austerity through inflation. Nobody wants to see their government check be cut from $1,000 to $800. So government inflates the money supply so the same people get their $1,000 check only to find it can buy $800 worth of goods.”

  4. Sasha says:

    Republicans lost because they waged war on woman’s bodies and we are over 50% of the population.

  5. Roger Snowden says:


    The word “articles” does not need capitalization in your usage. Please be careful with spelling and grammar, if you want to establish credibility with readers.

  6. Ted Quick says:

    First off, I hate it when I make grammatical errors and/or typos myself, but then I’m a perfectionist. More important than that, however is the communication itself. Andrew, your communication is clear. It is a well written piece. People will be discussing for months (or longer) the reason/s Romney lost and I’m not sure that there aren’t a whole host of reasons. Our job now is to control the left. Can it be done?

  7. Dominika says:

    I’m sorry, but I would still vote for Romney, and see no other viable oopntis in our cast of candidates. I wish this weren’t true, but must face facts.a0Santorum is going to be crucified by the anti-religious left-and evena0Republicans who don’t like his invasive (not truly) moral standards.a0Trust me I lived through the Kick Rick Out campaign in 2006, and they beat him down bad. Perry will alsoa0get beat up by the left for all manner of his conservativeness and his performance in the early debates, and thena0get skewered in debates with Obama.a0 Gingrich is smart, but not savvy. I’d say he is whining enough now to lose any hopes he had. I won’t even talk Hunstman, and what’s left? OH, Paul.Forget about him. If he wins or runs as 3rd party, I will simply shoot myself. I am depressed enough without listening to all of the infighting, and the laughing by the left.I would hope thata0Romney the Rinoa0would pick a running mate of highest conservative values- such as West-or my dream ticket- Rubio! Now that I hear this, I suppose West would not be on that list, but if he would he would have my gratitude!God Help Us.

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