Sarpy County GOP Poised To Elect First Liberty Candidate as Chairman

By the Editorial Staff

The Republican Liberty Caucus very public struggle for power with the Nebraska Republican Party at the State Convention is now a distant memory as the convention was lackluster for the fireworks-starved media. The Omaha World Herald article about the Republican State Convention build-up held in Grand Island last July can be read here.  Only 2 of the 35 Nebraska delegates to the Republican National Convention were Republican Liberty Caucus members who intended to cast their vote for their candidate Ron Paul. The Nebraska GOP, and particularly the Governor, was saved any embarrassment and life went on.

Let’s now fast forward to tomorrow and the election for the next Chairman of the Sarpy County Republican Party. Elections have consequences and The Republican Liberty Caucus picked up the majority of seats on the Douglas and Sarpy County Central Committees. Central Committee Members are the governing body of the county parties and are the only individuals who can vote to elect their new County Chairman/Chairwoman.

Like it or not, the Republican Liberty Caucus is a political force that the Nebraska Republican Party will need to work with. In Sarpy, the Republican Liberty Caucus and its members are supporting Levi Lippincott. At 27 years of age, Levi would be the youngest Chairman in a very long time. Lippincott is well liked within the Sarpy County GOP and would be able to bridge some of the ideological gap between long time party stalwarts and the droves of new, young members of the Sarpy and Douglas County Central Committees. Levi was instrumental in getting Sarpy County to endorse Nebraska Legislative Candidate Bill Kintner, also the Governor’s choice, over the Republican incumbent Paul Lambert. Not endorsing or acknowledging a Republican incumbent even on your slate cards is unprecedented. Levi and the Republican Liberty Caucus also worked hard to elect the Governor endorsed candidate, Richard Carter, in Bellevue.

It was thought that the wife of very popular State Senator Scott Price, Jacqueline Price, would throw her hat in the ring but that did not occur. David Klug and Chris Moore mulled over running against Mr. Lippincott but later pulled out. The only other announced candidate is Tea Party activist Jerry C. Anderson. Jerry founded the Nebraska Tea Party arm of the 9/12 Project, and is a U.S. Veteran. Jerry is running because he feels that he has a good relationship with the Governor and a plan for the county party.

Political Insiders Report Editorial Staff feels that Lippincott will connect much better with the many Libertarian leaning new Sarpy County Central Committee Members. Barring a miracle, based on the numbers we have seen, Anderson could be a sacrificial lamb in this Chairmanship election.


  1. John says:

    I wish Mr. Lippincott the best of luck! It’s good to see the younger generation taking a stand to help shape the future of this country. I hope that similar efforts make it to Washington D.C., where change is Drastically Needed!

  2. Anonymous says:

    And the Editorial Staff (aka Chris Scott) would know the inner workings of the RLC/Paulbots because he is one.

  3. Sasha says:

    Anything is better than current repubs

  4. Ah! The Secret Society of Programmed Paulbots!

    You know, in order to make the conspiracy theory workable, you must insist the “paulbots” don’t know they are paulbots. Like the Manchurian Candidate, they operate on keywords, suddenly waking up and wreaking havoc on civil society.

    And they are everywhere!

  5. GOP Spin says:

    It won’t matter which ding bat gets elected to the postion, the GOP is still a steaming pile of dung. At least Fortenberry and Johanns had to wherewithal to work across party lines, unlike Smith and Terry who are told by Boehner how high to jump. Those two turds couldn’t find their way out of a paper sack.

  6. Drew says:

    GOP Spin, you need to re-examine your hatred for the GOP. Today, I was able to buy a beer in Omaha using Canadian dollars, but I bet you have no idea why or how it would be relevant to your posting.

  7. GOP Spin– Boehner voted FOR the bill, as did Johanns and Fortenberry.

    Terry and Smith voted AGAINST the bill.

    Are you suggesting Boehner told Terry and Smith to vote against it? Or is yours simply and incoherent rant?

  8. Michael Knebel says:

    I’m always surprised at the lack of thought that goes into calling someone of a different political ideal a name. What, exactly, is a Paulbot? Someone that understands many of the ideas that Ron Paul has talked about? What makes a person crazy by thinking that we are printing way too much money, devaluing the dollar, and fighting unsustainable wars?
    The Republicans would be wise to listen to those that understand the responsibility that goes along with ideals like liberty. I applaud some of the changes that the RLC have been able to do.

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