Local GOP leader draws line in the sand on defunding Obamacare

dcrpBy Bryan Baumgart-Douglas County Republican Party Chairman

Fund the Government, Not Obamacare

Pressure is now building to stop the implementation of Obamacare before enrollment begins on October 1st. Americans are calling their senators and showing up at town hall meetings across the nation. They are asking their representatives not to borrow more money to spend on something that is going to be a failure. Even Democrat Senator Max Baukus, chief author of Obamacare calls it ”a train wreck.

Our representatives have one final opportunity to end the failed law/tax before Americans are saddled with the consequences of their inaction. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX) are leading the charge in their respective chambers to defund the law by stopping any funding bill from containing money for its implementation. They are joined by Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer and Congressman Adrian Smith who have gone on record supporting the defund pledge.

This Saturday, the Nebraska Republican Party (NEGOP) held a meeting of its State Central Committee (the party’s elected decision making body within the state, tasked with setting and directing the party’s course). A resolution was discussed and passed by the NEGOP in support of the efforts to defund Obamacare in the next funding bill (likely another Continuing Resolution). See the NEGOP’s resolution here.  On Monday, the Executive Committee of the Douglas County Republican Party passed a similar resolution which can be seen here.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the {Nebraska Republican Party} {Douglas County Republican Party} expresses its support and appreciation for members of Nebraska’s Congressional delegation who vote for a Continuing Resolution that funds the entire federal government with the exception that the Continuing Resolution prohibits the expenditure of even one penny, discretionary or mandatory, for Obamacare.

The Republican plan is simple: Fund the Government, Not Obamacare.  Any suggestions to the contrary are dishonest. Defunding Obamacare will not shut down the government, but it will stop the Obamacare train wreck and spare Americans from its devastating consequences.

Here’s how the plan works: The Republican-controlled House passes legislation to fund the entire government EXCEPT for Obamacare. Then, Senate Republicans MUST hold the line with 41 votes and defeat any bill that funds Obamacare. If Republicans do this, President Obama will falsely accuse them of threatening a government shutdown. But truthfully, only he controls whether to shut down the government just to implement his failed law.

In reality, Obamacare can’t survive unless some Republicans support it. That is why I encourage you to contact your representatives immediately and voice support for the defunding effort.

The President has already unconstitutionally delayed implementation of key components of the law such as the Employer Mandate.  American businesses have been forced to cut jobs and worker’s hours to avoid the Obamacare fine. Insurance premiums continue to skyrocket while insurers and doctors are refusing participation. The Catholic Church has filed suit over violations of religious freedom and Congress has exempted themselves while leaving ordinary Americans to ride the Obamacare train wreck alone.

Call your representatives today. Let them know that you support their efforts to stop this disaster before it’s too late. Give them an opportunity to go back and offer real healthcare reform that wasn’t rushed and that wasn’t pushed through on bribes and crony backroom deals. Repeal efforts in the House have amounted to nothing more than symbolic displays of opposition.This is a meaningful opportunity for our representatives to act on their promises to oppose Obamacare, but don’t let them stand alone. Call today!



  1. I Heart Obamacare says:

    What a joke. You had every opportunity in the world to stop Obamacae in the 2012 election. Obama won handily, your repeal Obamacare mandate has been rejected by the American people. Move on with your lives.

  2. John D. Andrews says:

    Please explain, in detail, how delaying the employer mandate is unconstitutional.

  3. ProgressiveOasis says:

    The smart play is to not shut down the government but get more actual spending cuts than currently in place. Let Obamacare rollout and be the disaster it is certainly going to be…then use that to take the US Senate next year…and the White House in 2016. Then “repeal & replace” will actually have a chance and, despite what these pinhead liberals/progressives want to believe, a majority of Americans are already dissatisfied with Obamacare…paying thousands of dollars extra for crummy health insurance options next year will seal the deal. Be smart for once Republicans..I know it isn’t natural but give it a shot. Then don’t nominate some wishy-washy semi-Republican from the northeast in 2016 for President.

  4. Drew says:

    @John D Andrews, the Congress legislates the laws, the president carries it out. By delaying parts of Obamacare, he is ignoring the law which he does not have the authority to do. What he has done is unConstitutional and is the behavior of a dictator.

  5. John Hisencamp says:

    surprised noone said anything yet…congrats to Brett Lindstrom for getting back in the swing of things and running for State Senate! Go Get em Brett! vote Lindstrom!!!

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