The Jamie Gutierrez saga


By Reynaldo Cervantes-South Omaha Action Group

Jamie Gutierrez is collateral damage to the machinations associated with extremely powerful entities and how they manipulate ambiguity and race towards their desired means. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. For example, “In February, 2008 after Sokol sold his west Omaha home, election officials were notified that Sokol had a new residence in Wyoming.  Because of the “resident elector” requirement then-Mayor Mike Fahey moved for Sokol’s ouster from MECA but when Fahey was told by private donors to the downtown ballpark that if Sokol was out, so was their money; Fahey backed off and Sokol remained on the board”. The same ambiguous resident requirements that allowed for Mr. Sokol to circumvent them were in place at the time Ms. Gutierrez was vetted, and everybody knew it.  But just like the maneuvers Sokol made to satisfy the power structure and allow him to serve on the MECA board, someone probably advised Ms. Gutierrez to do the same.

Powerful partisan entities were searching hither and yawn for a good Mexican (Latino) to serve on the powerful MECA board, especially, with the expectations were that the road to a successful mayoral race went directly through South Omaha.  But search as they may, they could not find a “qualified” one who met their political criteria for selection who lived within the city of Omaha.  (SO MANY HISPANICS IN THE CITY – BUT NOT A GOOD ONE IN SIGHT.)

According to some, Ms. Gutierrez was approached by what some might label now as Judases who hounded and hounded her to apply for the MECA position.  For those who know Ms. Gutierrez, she does not have a political bone in her body.  She is a hardworking and loving mother who loves her family, her city and community.  I can just imagine the pressure she was under and of course the type of advice she was getting – after all what was good enough for the mighty Sokol was surely ok for Ms. Gutierrez, don’t you think?  Little did she know of the nightmare to come- TALK ABOUT LEADING SHEEP TO SLAUGHTER!

Something smells to high heaven when you resurrect a supposedly “settled ambiguous” issue where the state legislature, the city law department, the city council, and the MECA board are suddenly struck with a serious case of amnesia.  “Hello” –  we have been down this road before but the powerful rich white guy gets away from it – you can parse the facts all you want but the old wily Chicano isn’t buying the public lynching of Ms. Jamie Gutierrez now taking place in the main stream media.

No matter what the outcome – there will be political consequences relative to this issue – which I can promise.  I would caution all those in leadership positions who should have dealt with this issue long ago but chose to ignore it and look at what happened – think long and hard at your ultimate actions.


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