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By Editorial Staff

In CD 2, the Democrats have been scrambling to find a replacement to challenge Lee Terry. Democrats felt Pete Festersen was an ideal candidate to take on a weakened Terry. Festersen was a pro-business moderate and a capable fundraiser.

Dr. Larry Bradley picture provided by

Dr. Larry Bradley picture provided by

Now that Festersen is out, it appears that another Democrat is ready to step in. Larry Bradley seems poised to yet again throw his hat into the political arena. Dr. Bradley’s most recent campaign was for the Nebraska Board of Regents in 2012 losing to Bob Whitehouse by less than 3%.

Over to the U.S. Senate race. After months of scrambling, the Democrats might have finally convinced a candidate to challenge whichever Republican candidate emerges from a heavily contested Republican primary.

Our sources tell us that David Domina is in. There was a great write-up on Domina in the Lincoln Journal Star in late November. That article can be read by clicking here.

The biggest eyebrow raiser is a rumor swirling that Colonel Tom Brewer, Nebraska’s most battle tested solider, might be considering a second career in politics. Omaha World Herald columnist, Matt Hansen, wrote an excellent piece on the Colonel a few weeks back. That column can be read by clicking here.

Colonel Tom Brewer

Colonel Tom Brewer

Political Insiders Report has heard that he would be looking to run for Congress.

We reached out to the Colonel and received no response. We did find it interesting that the recently established @ColTomBrewer is following quite a few politicos and news/media outlets. A Colonel Brewer would certainly provide us with a candid, no nonsense candidate.

Time will tell how many of these rumors will materialize, but stay tuned as the political season is almost upon us.


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