Gubernatorial Race: Slone turns some heads and raises more than $328,000 in last 45 days






Bryan Slone may have just kicked off his campaign to succeed Gov. Dave Heineman in December but he raised an impressive $328,000 in the last few weeks of 2013.

Slone’s campaign will file its annual report electronically with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission Thursday.

“I’m thankful for the outpouring of support that we have received so far,” said Slone. “In response we are rapidly ramping up the campaign as we travel across the state.”

The campaign raised $280,750 in cash contributions and $47,402.50 in-kind for a total of $328,152.50. Slone’s campaign spent $26,659.39 in cash expenditures for the period and ended the year with $254,090.61 in the bank.

Slone’s focused his campaign on reforming Nebraska’s high taxes, strengthening the University of Nebraska system and developing a high-tech 21st Century infrastructure to connect all parts of Nebraska with the global economy.

A strong free market conservative, Slone knows a fairer and flatter tax system will help Nebraska grow new jobs. A recent ranking by the Tax Foundation showed Nebraska with the 16th worst state business tax climate in the nation, a ranking below all of the state’s neighbors but Iowa.

A tax attorney and accountant Slone retired as a managing partner at Deloitte before entering the race. A native of rural Nebraska, he and his wife Leslie live in Omaha and have two adult children.



  1. Drew says:

    Sounds great but what is his plan? Also, why is he all of suddenly running for political office? Sure, he probably has a lot of good friends will to contribute to his campaign but that is not necessarily a winning strategy. Just wondering.

  2. Tom Stacey says:

    I am voting for Sasse. He is by far the best. Heck he turned around a failing college. why wouldn’t he be able to do the same with 5000 liberals he’ll face when he turns around Washington?

  3. not gonna lie says:

    If I weren’t so dedicated to one candidate in particular, I would vote for Slone

  4. Hint says:

    When an article is written about a gubernatorial candidate it should feel awkward to tal about a senatorial candidate in the comments (e.g. Sasse)

  5. Tom Stacey says:

    I wish Sasse would resign from Midland. He’s not doing anyone any favors there by spreading him self too thin on the campain trail.

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