Breaking: Nebraska Dems vote to allow independents (non-partisan) to vote in their primaries








A narrow 32-30 vote by Nebraska party leadership will now allow independents to vote in partisan state elections. Independents could vote in Federal and non-partisan primaries, but now could cast their vote for Amanda McGill for Auditor or Chuck Hassebrook for Governor in the primary.

We will be watching this closely on how it will impact Democrat’s voter registration or the impact on getting used to voting for a Democrat in a primary and how that impacts general election trends.




  1. Senator Al Davis says:

    The Democratic Party has taken a step in the right direction. Independents are a growing minority in the Nebraska electorate and including them in the process will strengthen the electoral process. Independent voters can no longer be ignored by either party and I believe the Democratic Party’s adoption of this rule will build interest in the Democratic party by Independents and could lead to broader success at the polls in November.

  2. Laughing independent voter says:

    Maybe the Nebraska Democrats should make more of an effort to distance themselves from the ever-festering stench that will be left behind by the Obama regime and focus instead on bringing quality candidates to the table who will represent more from the center, rather than the lunatic fringe that now runs their party (sort of the equivalent of the GOP’s problem with Tea Party extremists taking over their party). The NDP has been a joke for as long as I can remember and will continue to be until they come to their senses and provide quality alternatives to the tired GOP machine that runs the state.

  3. B2 says:

    Uh huh?! Democrats are a dying breed in Nebraska. Anything to keep relevant a little longer I guess. The idea of non dems being able to influence the party’s candidate is intriguing. Now can we dump the facade that is non-partisan elections in Nebraska?!

  4. Dave says:

    What make anyone think that just because Independents are allowed to vote in a partisan primary, they will. They are Independent for a reason. “Inclusion” does not change the politics that has driven them away from both parties.

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