Candidate commercial gaffe falls flat with the farmers


There has been a real push by all of the Nebraska candidates for Governor to show their agricultural roots. Commercials showing trucks, farmland, and livestock have covered our televisions.

Many farmers and workers in agriculture would tell you that one of the more vital tools to their livelihood is their pickup truck. For many, it goes beyond just their pickup truck being a tool, but rather an extension of their identity. What type of pickup you drive can say a lot about you.

When candidates and trying to convey how genuine and authentic they are through a commercial, this isn’t a good start.

A recent commercial by Beau McCoy shows he is clearly trying to show his agricultural roots. Beau is dressed the part, speaks the part but something goes a bit wrong. You see off in the distance him driving his Chevy Silverado shown below.


McCoy discusses how he will be driving around that state in his pickup. Then it gets weird. The next shot is of McCoy driving in his pickup, only it isn’t his pickup.


Take a second and look at the picture as it was pointed out to me by a farmer’s wife. After this shot of McCoy in a Ford pickup, the commercial continues showing McCoy back is his Chevy pictured below.


This is the kind of gaffe that out of state commercial producers might not realize or even think it is a big deal but Nebraskan’s do. If you are trying to endear yourself to the agricultural community, at least get the truck right.

Below is the full commercial.




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